UPDATE: DCnU House Ads Debut New Logos, Lead to New Art

Date: 29 July 2011 Time: 04:28 PM ET
UPDATED: DC Comics has made a handful of promo ads for iconic titles like Justice League and Action Comics available to comic book retailers for the "New 52" #1 issues, and Newsarama has a look for you.

The ads appear to feature some new logo designs for titles like Batman, Wonder Woman, and others. Plus, there is a larger-sized version of the Justice League group shot, that was first released by a drinking glass manufacturer last month.

The covers interestingly have QR codes on them. Scan them with your smart phone and they will take you to a little preview set of each book!

For those of you without QT scanner apps on your smartphones, we've added the new preview art after each title's promo ad.

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