"While en route to an undisclosed location in Norway, The Ravager is attacked by Aquaman and his army. As his crew is brutally massacred before his eyes, Deathstroke must struggle to fight for his own life before continuing the hunt for his treasure. And with the influx of enemies continuing to roll in, Deathstroke might require a little help to get his mission back on track. But who will be the one providing it?"

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and featuring art by Joe Bennett, Tony Shasteen and The Hories, FLASHPOINT: DEATHSTROKE AND THE CURSE OF THE RAVAGER #2 sails into stores next week.

"Citizen Cold is known by Central City as a hero. But when an entire gallery of Rogues kidnaps his sister, Lisa Snart, they'll use her as bait to lure him into a deathtrap. Will Citizen Cold be able to save both Lisa and himself? And what does Wally West's disappearance have to do with all of this?"

Written and illustrated by Scott Kolins, FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #2 is colored by Mike Atiyeh and comes out on Wednesday.

"The war between the Atlanteans and Amazons is almost here as Aquaman invades New Themyscira. With Mera dead, Aquaman has his heart set on revenge. He sends Mera's sister, Siren, and his brother, Prince Orm, into the Palace of Furies and onto the frontlines of battle. Will the two of them manage to avenge Mera's death and get out alive or will Arthur have to step up and fight for himself?"

With a reveal that makes the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman far more personal, FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #2 is written by Tony Bedard and features art by Vicente Cifuentes, Diana Egea, and Kyle Ritter.


Date: 09 July 2011 Time: 10:08 AM ET
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"As Frankenstein and his creature commandoes embark on their journey to find the cure for their afflictions, they'll find themselves seeking Nina's father's old lab in Gotham. Unfortunately for them, however, a tracking device placed in their system in 1945 leads monster hunter Miranda Shrieve directly to their whereabouts. As Miranda reveals the origins of her vendetta, the creatures receive a surprise visit and assistance from a mysterious ally. But will that be enough for the entire crew to survive the attack by Miranda and her army?"

FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN #2 is written by Jeff Lemire and features art by Ibraim Roberson, Alex Massacci, and Pete Pantazis.

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