Only at a comic book convention can you simultaneously pay tribute to the work of legendary artist Barry Windsor-Smith while wearing only underwear in public.

Didn't know what time it was the lights were low oh-oh.

There's a joke about Kick-Ass 2 delays somewhere here.

Fourth Doctor, first in neckwear.

Actual screenshot from this year's Thor film.

Pray... for... Mojo.

Go ahead and try to take the sky from then.

Bad dudes.

It may seem odd to see Batman and Joker hanging out like buddies, but how do you know that's not a Joker henchman disguised in a Batman costume?

Surprisingly peace-loving for a Red Lantern, feline or no.

C2E2 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Date: 23 March 2011 Time: 04:23 PM ET
It's even more fun if you pretend that the kid's pacifier is a ring construct.

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