FREE Full Issue: Michael Turner's SOULFIRE V.2 #1

Date: 27 February 2010 Time: 06:19 PM ET
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J.T. Krul Writer / Marcus To Pencils / Saleem Crawford Inks / Beth
Sotelo Colors


Just when you thought the magic was over...

The journey continues as the second volume to Michael Turner's smash action adventure fantasy series, SOULFIRE, begins! With the return of magic to a world unprepared for such an inexplicable event, Malikai, Grace, and the rest of the gang struggle to recover from their Battle for the Light against Rainier. Malikai and Sonia attempt to rekindle the romance they began in the
magical realm of the Everlands, but a stranger, with a special secret of her own, enters their lives and interrupts their interlude. Meanwhile, Grace and Seph discover that the creatures of magic are not necessarily safe amongst the prejudices of the modern world. And, PJ and Benoist find themselves in a destitute land where technology reigns supreme--but not very peacefully! New
paths will be forged for all as the war between technology and magic once
again ignites, all in the pages of SOULFIRE Vol 2 #1 right now!
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