Marvel Preview: War Machine #2

Date: 20 January 2009 Time: 01:09 PM ET
Marvel has released a preview of this week's War Machine #2 by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco. The solicitation for the issue reads: In the blasted heart of occupied Aqiria, the mercenaries of Eaglestar International literally write the laws, committing heinous atrocities with no repercussions. But today, the loopholes are closing -- around their necks! Who will pay the final price when the skies explode with the arrival of
the world's only eight foot tall, hundred-gun- equipped,
shoulder-rocket- mounted, titanium- vibranium- alloy-armored, kill- number-counting, one-man- army for truth, justice, and good old-fashioned payback? And what does last issue's mind-blowing ending mean for Jim Rhodes, the shattered man inside this shocking new War Machine?
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