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Red Sonja 34, Neves cover

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Red Sonja 34, Batista cover

Preview: Dynamite's Red Sonja #34 - Back to Life?

Date: 11 June 2008 Time: 09:19 AM ET
Penciller: MEL RUBI
Covers: MEL RUBI (50%), ADRIANO BATISTA (25%) and FABIANO NEVES (25%)

The latest BIG Red Sonja event concludes here! The final pages of this issue promise to be the most shocking in the history of Red Sonja as our heroine's ultimate fate is revealed! Will the river Styx and its boat-keeper Charon take pity on the She-Devil or will Sonja end her days among the dead! Find out in this issue featuring the return of Red Sonja artist Mel Rubi and series writer Brian Reed!
Featuring three exciting covers, including our main cover from definitive Red Sonja artist Mel Rubi, along with two stunning pieces, one by Adriano Batista and the other by Fabiano Neves!
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