What's fair is fair - after celebrating the best of the best, we look at some of the more unfortunate comic book cartoons
Solo, Foolkiller, Stingray, Terror, Slapstick, Masacre, return from the unknown with the only leader they could: Deadpool.
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The staff of Newsarama gets very animated when we talk about cartoons based on comic books...
Will Prowl get what's coming to him in the series finale?
Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez bring about the return of LOVE & ROCKETS in a big way.
Jeremy Holt and Alex Diotto revisit rock n roll royalty with the homage, Samsara, in SKIP TO THE END #1.
Who put Wade Wilson in charge of a super-team?
The Dark Horse OGN gets a shot at the big screen.
Dave Scheidt and Aaron Pittman's creator-driven series continues at Stela.
Nathan Gooden and Adrian Wassel continue their animalistic series.
Win a trip to the movie premiere and more.
Frank Cho, Kurt Sutter, and more come to BOOM! in September's planned releases.
Joe Prado, Walden Wong, and Wade Von Grawbadger win top awards.