The Avenger/attorney stops by the Jean Grey School to discuss Professor X's will.
6 issue series inspired by horror anthology classics TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR.
Dan Slott gets his own spotlight panel as the first Marvel-related one of the convention!
Find out what's next from Batman writer Scott Snyder live from SDCC 2014!
An exclusive preview of next week's ORIGINAL SIN tie-in. Steve is giving up the shield for a while, so enjoy him as Cap while you still can.
Batsuits from every movie on display, as well as the clown masks from THE DARK KNIGHT.
The Paul Rudd-Michael Douglas 2015 starrer releases its first concept art and we get two concept posters from the AVENGERS sequel.
On BATMAN DAY DC is showing off art to the GEOFF JOHNS-GARY FRANK sequel to the popular 2012 graphic novel.
Getting to the heart, the soul, and the story of Batman in DC's modern "New 52."
Image Expo kicks off the Comic-Con action early with a special presentation on Day Zero of the convention!
Here's our review crews first pass at this week's new comic book titles.
Meet the newest member of Team Arrow.
Fox's long-time superhero movie producer refutes claims of FF diverging from comics, and the future of the X-Men franchise.
IDW will adapt the hit Canadian import to comics in 2015, though cleverly announcing it won't be a clone" of the TV series.
ATTACK THE BLOCK star tweets about "booking flight to Wakanda."
Hot in Hollywood after the success of RED and his inspiration for IRON MAN movies, Ellis makes jump to television.
In a somewhat surprising news, is now scheduling 4 years between AMAZING sequels, but given a 2016 date to the Spider-Man spin-off.
IDW recruits defense correspondent turned fiction writer Karen Traviss for Joes and new breed of Cobra.
The writer gives hints about his new creator-owned series and who he’s working with.