Take a look at twenty rapid fire reviews of books out this week!
So apparently there was a mutant more powerful than anyone that Xavier never told the X-Men about. Read more in this exclusive preview of next week...
Welcome to your life, There's no turning back, Even while we sleep, We will find you... or the Avengers will in their new novel coming April 2015
The two DC superteams square off in next week's conclusion to the "Injustice League" story arc.
Part 2 of the big AVENGERS-NEW AVENGERS crossover that Marvel says will rewrite the Marvel Universe is NEW AVENGERS #24. Here's a first look.
Paolo Rivera is doing full interior art for the first time in a few years with Valiant Comics on a new mini-series.
Artist Ron Garney talks about the story of an Alabama hitman and a family line cursed for generations.
Katana has a new actress thanks to a late change. See her in action with a sword here.
We're going to assume he gets better, but with Marve these days you never know. Here's an exclusive preview of SPIDER-MAN 2099 #3.
DAREDEVIL did it for twice in 3 years. DC's ENTIRE line did it. So here is a look at the 10 Most Important Relaunches in Comic Book History.
Looking at the events of this week's BATMAN ETERNAL and what it means for the remainder of the series.
Take a look at some of the biggest releases of the week with the best shots crew.
Marvel is collecting Star Wars Legends stories by Dark Horse in new "Epic Collections" starting in April
A classic character died last week, and we pay homage. SPOILERS inside.
B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #122 and #123 artist Joe Querio talks about designing Mike Mignola-inspired monsters for the Dark Horse series.
Can you read Jeremy Renner's expression as Joss Whedon off his archery poses from the set of AGE OF ULTRON?
Take a look at a brand new Spider-Man in this first look!
The latest toy-comic book variant cover mash-up features Hasbro actions figures juxtaposed into familiar Marvel covers. Here's an exclusive first l...
Want to jump back into the fantasy heyday of Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy? Dive into this new comic!
We look at this week's reveal of the identity of the masked Man of Steel in the FUTURES END weekly series, and that other surprise from issue #17.